HPC-OBA Presentation

Hato Paora College
Old Boys Association


This presentation has been developed to give you a brief outline of what the HPC-OBA is about.

Why it exists and how you can connect with the HPC-OBA.

Our Kaupapa

1. Register all Old Boys with the HPC-OBA
2. Encourage Old Boys to invest in their sons education back at the Kura and ,
3. Invest in the Pāora Foundation to support the Kura


  • HPC has produced many fine students. Many are
  • skilled workers
  • professionals
  • leaders
  • who are making a positive contribution within their Whānau, Hapū, Iwi and Communities nationally and globally.

HPC-OBA what is it?

  • It is an organization of former HPC students. It is a legal entity and its main purpose is to
  • connect OB’s with their HPC-OBA and with each other
  • support the Kura
  • organize OB’s Reunions and other events
  • foster relationships within the Hato Paora Community
  • maintain a register of all OB’s who have passed through the Kura since 1947

HPC-OBA what we do?

  • We meet once a term or more if need to discuss Kura & Old Boys stuff
  • We appoint Old Boys reps onto the Kura BOT & Trust Board
  • We organise events and help out with events at the Kura
  • We support each other at Tangihanga, Graduations, 21st Birthdays, Weddings and other events.
  • HPC-OBA Guiding Principles


  • We apply good governance practices and are accountable to all OB’s


  • We maintain professional standards and lead the HPC-OBA with integrity


  • Whaia Te Tika! Keep the Mauri of Hato Paora alive


  • Principles of our founding Church are maintained

HPC-OBA Executives

  • PRESIDENT Hone Davies
  • SECRETARY Matt Sword
  • TREASURER Hohepa (Joey) O’Donnell
  • COMMUNICATIONS Mahanga Williams

What OB’s do when they leave Kura?

  • We set out to pursue our Goals & Dreams
  • Some go flatting together in search of employment or career studies
  • We enjoy hooking up with each other back at the Kura attending school galas, reunions or at other social functions
  • Most OB’s still keep in touch with each other as if they haven’t left the Kura


The HPC-OBA have established a Paora Foundation to provide financial and other assistance for the benefit of the Kura including;

  • Scholarships for current students
  • Grants to support special School projects
  • Construction maintenance of School / Hostel building
  • Acquisition of land and facilities
  • Support the HPC-OBA operations and its activities